Managing the Carbonated Beverage Section

Here in Winnipeg the term Pop as referring to carbonated beverages never really caught on. You can tell when someone is from out of the city by whether they use the term or not. Please insert pop in place of drinks in your head if that is what you’re used to

Working the drinks

If you can, wear gloves as they are always very dirty and it is hard on the hands.

The two litre drinks are the most popular, and it amazes me that most people in the stores, even driver/reps doing them in other chains, don’t do it smart.

1)      Corner to corner outside then inside is the first way to do two litres. Grabbing from the opposite sides and ends means that the case won’t tip as easily and the drinks in the centre will hold down the case while you pull the outside ones out. Once you get to the inside four you can give a quick tap with which ever bottle comes out first to get the second one out.

2)      Corner to corner inside then outside is the Pepsi way to do two litres. Pepsi shells are engineered in a way that the weight of the four center bottles pulls in the outside edge of the case to hold the outside four bottles tight. If you pull out the four center bottles, it releases the four outside bottles and it’s an easy pull.

If you use this technique, I promise that you will not only get the drinks out faster, but it will seem faster and easier than you would have believed possible.


Take the pallet of drinks on the floor and park next to the shelf. Do not walk across the aisle with two bottles at a time. If you have an orphan case that is somewhere away from the pallet, it is very easy to use the shelf ticket moulding to rest the full case on and unload from there. Again, do not walk back and forth across the aisle with two bottles at a time. Life is too short for that.


Always work to the bottom of the pallet from one end so you can get something else piled on that pallet to make room. Don’t work off one side of the pallet in such a way that it will tip when you lift it up with the hydraulic jack. Our new plastic pallets are notorious in that they flex when they are piled over the edge and it is easy for two litres cases to slide right off. Keep this in mind when re-piling your pallets.


When pallets of drinks come in, they are usually stacked in a way that they are least likely to fall over and also in a way that you are least likely to need them. The odd flavours such as Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper will be on top and the Pepsi or Coke will be on the bottom. They will be interlocked so that you can’t simply take off one corner of odd flavours and get to the Pepsi.  No, you have to take off whole layers or you will be only getting about 6 or 7 off .

The sad solution is to re-pile the pallet. Usually there is more Pepsi than everything else but there is not enough room on the shelf to unload to the bottom of the pallet. You want to pile your Pepsi reasonably high at one end of the pallet and then start piling odd flavours at the other end in the reverse order you might need them.

If you can, pile in stacks of flavours, if not pile them in shelf fulls. If four go on the shelf, alternate flavours until you’re done. The next time you take that pallet out, you should be able to work it on the shelf and reach all the flavours.

The better you know your drink sales, the better your piling will be. If the shelf holds four Diet Dr. Pepper and 4 Mountain Dew, but you typically only need to put out 2   Diet Dr. Pepper and 3 Mountain Dew by the time the Pepsi sells down, use that as your alternating pile amount, 2 Diet Dr. Pepper, 3 Mountain Dew, 2 Diet Dr. Pepper, 3 Mountain Dew, etc 


There is a lot more thought involved when you’re trying to be more productive. If you put a little thought into how you repile a pallet of drinks, it won’t have to be re-piled again. It makes sense to make the next load easier to do than the first one was. Try to make the job easier by thinking ahead.


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