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Horse Radish

“Where do you keep the horse radish?” they ask. “Well, we keep our horse radish in the meat department (which is true) because OURS is made from real horses! (you decide)
If they happen to come by again, I’ll ask, “By the way, what part of the horse is the radish anyway?” What a fine visualization that makes!


How did he know that?

A fellow came up to me from the general directions of the meat department and asked, “Don’t you have any neck bones?” I said, “You’re right!” flopped my head to one side, “That’s why my head keeps flopping around.” I did go with him to see if we could find neck bones though. I really amused myself on that one.

Good Advice!

A couple of lady seniors asked me where the molasses was, and we just happened to be right beside it. “You would have seen it, if you hadn’t seen me.” then they asked,”Where do we find dates?” I just deadpanned, “Stay out of the bars.” Their eyes were tearing up as they laughed. That was fun.

Get ’em laughin’

I like to have some fun with my customers, but I try to be respectful too. It really makes your day to bring a smile to someone’s face.
I often get on my knees to work on the bottom shelves. Of course that brings on the, “Say one for me while your down there.” Lately my answer has been, “If your depending on me, your going to need a hand basket for where your going!”

Let me introduce myself

My name is Rick Yackel and I have been working for Westfair Foods for the past 33 years under various banners like Loblaws, Economart, and Extra Foods. I did a lot of thinking about what is the easiest way to do stuff. Sometimes I spent more time thinking than I did getting it done, but I think I’ve come up with a lot of ways to make grocery store work easier. I’m the kind of guy who punches in 90 seconds on the microwave when the instructions say 1:30. Try it yourself and see if the pizza pops don’t actually taste better!